Why Do You Prefer To Dab CBD?

Why do you prefer to dab CBD?

We surveyed our Instagram (@CBDistillery) and social media followers to learn why they prefer to dab CBD over other forms of administration. Here are some of the responses we received:
@the_longarms Instant effects
@mynameisearl710 For its quick and strong effects
@drewishdrews Dabbing gives me a nearly instant balancing effect after smoking THC.
@rummrvz I like capsules but I will take Cbd dabs for quicker relief
@kickbaknsmk It instantly clears my head $ calms down my anxieties. I also use the tincture for more long lasting effect & anti- inflammatory properties. Just nothing like that immediate relief, when dabbing it.
@alx.benitez I prefer to dab because it’s instant rather than waiting for your body to digest. Taste great too so I enjoy smoking it for that reason as well
@maxrezz Also always great to use some CBD with other forms of cannabis for full entourage effects.
@ryantreat4 It feels natural and in my opinion tastes amazing. I love CBD and will never go back. As far as physical pains, as I said, no experience with smoking CBD and gaining relief however rubbing CBD topicals like Salve or lotion has given me almost immediate comfort/relief as well.
@the_dabbing_cheetah It’s a quick sense of relief from my pain
@droppinslabs Low cost (not paying for material for cartridges and accessories every time you buy, just raw medicine) and it allows me to have a delivery method that is fine tuned and exactly how I want it, I know exactly how I like to dab and that is why it’s my favorite delivery method. Also almost immediate effects in a strong delivery
@organized.grime One word: bioavailability
@zensual.nature Dabbing CBD seems to have far more pronounces and often times more immediate results that other forms of administering the cannabinoid. I like the tinctures and I like the topicals, but most of the time, they are not as noticeably/instantaneously effective for managing my symptoms. I think tinctures/edibles will generally address body/mind in a slower/less distinct manner, topicals address specific sites of pain, and smoking/dabbing will bring relief to the body, but targets mental affliction, in my experience
@bcruz52 From all my experiences with this amazing cannabinoid I noticed that smoking or vaporizing it is the best form of administration. Due to all the effects of it just came in all at once very fast. It was a rush of relief that can’t be matched by any other way of taking it. When I need immediate relief dabbing is the way to go! 🙂
@Mr.PotatoHead Hello. It’s Mr. Potato head here. I prefer to dab because it is a quicker pain relief option without a doubt.
@fourdeeounce I myself don’t think it takes all my pain away when dabbing it, I would say 60% relief, but that being said, there are so many other benefits it gives me that are just truly astonishing.
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4 thoughts on “Why Do You Prefer To Dab CBD?”

  1. I can take a long hit and not cough. I like dabbing because I have an enail and can control the temperature. I set the temp between 600 and 620 degrees and dab just enough for a full hit that is easy on my lungs. I feel like it is increasing my lung capacity as well. And, I only need to hit it once or twice and I am good to go for a little while.

    1. I’m wowed by this comment–thanks! I have been wanting to dabbing, and have hesitated because I have some lung issues due to smoking cigs for 35 years (I quit by vaping nicotine). So you feel it’s helping your lungs? Man–if that works for me, I’ll be one super happy girl!!

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